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We're excited to show you how easy digital transformation can be with Brandcast: a cloud-based platform for sales teams to create unlimited, personalized sales websites.

create sales websites for every prospect

Upgrade Your Communications for the Digital World

Personalized Sales Websites Close More Deals

​ Brandcast


Create and Publish Personalized Sales and Customer Websites Directly from Salesforce


Create and Publish Interactive Sales Collateral and Customer Websites Directly from Salesforce.

Create and Publish Interactive Sales Collateral and Customer Websites Directly from Salesforce.

Take Control of the Customer Journey with Brandcast

Create corporate websites, sales collateral, interactive content, and much more from a single platform.

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interactive Sales Presentations

Get your foot in the door faster.

corporate websites

Keep your company site fresh.

Landing Pages

Convert more web visitors, faster.

Event Websites

impress potential attendees, sell more tickets.

Property Websites

Create brag-worthy listings.

Customer Relationship Websites

Create a dedicated communication hub for your customers.

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Contact us today to request more information

Contact us today to request more information

Become a

Brandcast Certified

you focus on the design.

The Designer Certification process is as follows:



Watch these webinars​ and refer back to these as needed.

We recommend: Designing Responsive Websites, Working with Images, Creating a Simple Interaction, Creating Mobile Menus, and Improving your Website's SEO


Create one 3 page website of your own design that includes at least one of each of the following:

Your site can be your actual design portfolio, a fake business, or a real business!

  • Global Styles
  • Text
  • Images:
  1. Image as a background to a regular container
  2. Image container
  3. Photo galleries: one as a grid, and one as a carousel
  • Video
  • Link List for site navigation
  • Mobile menu (pop out interaction)
  • SEO (metadata such as page description or social image)
  • Embed container (this can be a Google Map, form, etc.)
  • And please make the site responsive across all four devices (remember to start at desktop, and then move down per device mode)


Submit your site to Customer Success, and a designer will follow up to schedule a review session.

Please refer back to our Help Center​ for any questions you may have
or use the in-app Live Support Chat at the bottom of this Studio!

ExamplesOF websites

Sales Decks



Become an instant web designer

Build fully-functioning, mobile-responsive websites in days, not weeks. Instantly publish to the web and make design or copy updates in just a few clicks.

  • Build websites quickly
  • Repurpose your designs
  • Redefine digital production

Improve Team Collaboration

No more wondering about the status of a web project, all team members can access any project, any time.

  • Real-time collaboration

Quickly wow your customers

Create reusable custom templates and design snippets, increase your output and publish unlimited websites.

  • Custom Template Library
  • Save pieces of layout
  • Unlimited websites

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